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TopSpeed 2017 Kawasaki Z900
Special Scoop Jour(กู)Ney Kawasaki Versys650
This video is about JOURNEY VERSYS in Chiangmai. Click!!!
HONDA 500 Series Oneday Fun Ride
1 Day Trip OverRide Style. Click!!!
Japan Crafted กับ Honda CB300R
Jour (กู) Ney: The Mission.
West wind. Appreciate nature. At Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
2 days 1 night only 2000 baht. Click!!!
OverRide Cover Girl Madi ross & Honda Rebel500

2017 Triumph Press Test bonneville T100 / T100 Black &Triumph street cup

KAWASAKI Z650 / Z900 RUSH HOUR in Bangkok
One day you wake up late and miss your appointement.

8 am you are leaving Pradit Manuthan road. The traffic is so bad.

When you woke up late. Then you should hurry.
But when you drive fast then this become very risky.

Waiting waiting. Friends come late.

If you slow down a bit your life will be safe.

Solve your problem of been late at work (or for a meeting) by leave more early. So you not need race for time.


This clip was made to test the Kawasaki Z650 practicality on the road and compare to the previous ER-6n.
The new Z650 has been designed to be lightweight and its shape to look more actractive.
All the improvements help to ride in the tortuous Bangkok traffic jams. The general feeling is that the new Z650 can be controlled more easily than with the ER-6n. The acceleration of the Z650 is not as aggressive as the previous ER-6n, it feels intuitive and its controls are friendly. Still, it accelerates instantly with the twist of a hand.
Journey Chiangmai by AfricaTwin EP 1 : training day.

Unseen in Chiangmai
By Honda AfricaTwin MT and DCT.
TopSpeed GSX-S750 by OverRide Thailand

Honda Rebel 500 Review